How often do you treat for spiders?
Our Spider-Free Boat Dock Solutions are applied on a monthly basis. Applications begin in March and conclude in October as long as conditions are conducive for treatment – i.e. suitable water levels, etc.
Is Spider-Free safe?
Absolutely. Our Spider-Free solution is all natural and safe for all aquatic life. The solution is environmentally friendly and safe for people and pets.
How does Spider-Free work?
First, we remove all spider webs and egg sacks from the boat dock, boat and slip. Afterwards, we apply our all natural solution throughout the dock, both above and underneath. Once the spiders are gone, you will notice less spider residue as well as less bird droppings. Another added benefit is the reduction of other nuisance critters such as snakes and other reptiles who would have otherwise come to feed.

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Spider-Free is a 100% biodegradable, all-natural solution that is safe for people, pets and all aquatic life. Spider-Free has a 5-star rating, is locally owned and operated, and non-franchised.
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All Natural Solution. Environmentally Friendly. Boat More. Clean Less.TM